Shishu Vihar (P-KG/KG)

ABC Alphabets


Siddha Activity book


My Prayers


Grade 1

Bala Ramayana


My Prayers


Tarangini 1


Grade 2

Book of Hanuman Chalisa


My Prayers


Tarangini 2


Super Hanuman - workbook


Grade 3

Bala Bhagavatam


My Prayers


Tarangini 3




Grade 4

Why do we?


My Prayers


Tarangini 4


We stand as One Family


Grade 5

My Prayers


Tarangini 5


Art of God Symbolism


Grade 6

My Prayers


Tarangini 6


I love you letters Gurudev


P.O Box Mr God - Workbook


Grade 7

My Prayers


Mahabharata Workbook – Part I & II


Key to Success


Grade 8



My Prayers


Tarangini 8


Values in Gita for Children


Grade 9

Hindu Culture


Tarangini 9


My Prayers


Conflicts and Confusions


Grade 10

Tarangini 10


Gita for Yuva


My Prayers


Grades 11 & 12

Tarangini 11


Drop  - A Novel


Drop  - It’s Easy


My Prayers


Study Material

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English Sanskrit
Gita Chapter 15 Gita Chapter 15
Gita Chapter 17 Gita Chapter 17

Balavihar Prayer Book 

Balavihar Graduates

Dear Swamiji,

My deepest thanks to you for making me a member of the Kedar family for last 13 years. Your simplicity humor and personality has made the Kedar families feel like more than just friends to me. The lessons I have learned from you and Balavihar will be carried into my college years and whenever I think of Chinmaya Mission, I will first remember your guidance.

Most sincerely,

Aditya Kumar

Hari Om Swamiji,

I would like to personally thank you for your presence in my life throughout Balavihar education. I still remember the first time that I came to the mandir when I was six years old. You had taken me down to the book store to get me a Balavihar bag, and all I could think of was how tall you were! I officially joined Balavihar six years later and still had the bag and My Prayers book that you had given to me so many years ago. I am so glad that I joined Balavihar when I did, because learning about Hinduism really helped me learn more about myself. We have shared a lot of laughs together and enjoyed many visits to Don Pablos! I am one of the happiest and lickiest people in the world to have you as a Guru. Thank you so much for always being available for support and guidance.


Sunaina Gohil

Hari Om Swamiji,

Thank you for the 14 amazing years I have shared with you at the mission. You have taught me innumerable lessons about my culture, my heritage and my religion. These are the lessons that I will treasure and reflect back on when I am away at college. You have played a major role in my life and I will be sire to continue coming to you for guidance. Thank you for everything you have done. It has meant the world to me.


Adithi Rajagopalan