Bala Vihar (Sunday School) is the pillar of Chinmaya Mission – with our children at the Center!

The Chinmaya method of teaching has been repeatedly proven to work in Bala Vihars around the world. Children who go through the course not only learn all the values fundamental to code of virtues living (Sanatana Dharma), but also know how to apply them to their day-to-day challenges. These kids are able to successfully resolve their identities in this dual culture and go on to be strong leaders with integrity and pride in their rich heritage. Bala Vihar is a family centered classroom – where children learn our rich Indian traditions, values, culture, and ancient wisdom teachings from trained volunteer teachers. While children are learning the gems of Sanatana Dharma through simple stories and a structured grade wise curriculum, the parents are learning the intricate truth of the Vedanta and Stotras in the Study Groups. The entire family is thus imbibing spirituality and morality through the teachings. Cultural activities, Language classes and Festival celebrations add to the fun and promotes community-based learning and appreciation for different culture. As our community continues to reap the benefits of Madhuvan, we are aiming to maintain the high standards of the facility and ongoing programs. Hence, we request your generous contribution.

This will be a home away from home for generations of Bala Vihar children. Our classrooms are our FUTURE!

Here is how you can help today to repay our loan with a contribution of:

  • $ 40,000
  • $ 20,000
  • $ 15,000
  • $ 10,000
  • $  5,000
  • $  1,000
  • Any other amount